Pass Time

Words with Friends or Candy Crush may seem like a great way to quickly pass time while you are waiting for your next appointment or meeting.  However, there are things you can do, with or without a smart phone that will increase your productivity.

We spend nearly 16 days every year of our lives waiting.  It seems we are always waiting for something or someone.

  • Doctors appointments
  • Kid pick up
  • Movies
  • Meetings
  • Travel and more!

With all this waiting,  we can almost feel our productivity draining and time management flying out the window!

With a little planning, there are a LOT of things you can do to maximize time spent waiting.
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24 Ways to Productively Pass Time

Here is a list of 24 things you can do while waiting that can be productive and help you to better manage your time! (Note: A smart phone can dramatically improve your productivity while waiting. Items with a * require a phone or similar device with some advanced capabilities if you are away from your computer while waiting.)

  1. Catch up on a magazine that focuses on your business.
  2. Explore a magazine outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Read a book to increase your knowledge or expand your expertise.
  4. Make a quick follow up call.
  5. *Check your email.
  6. Check your calendar for upcoming meetings and appointments.
  7. Schedule some projects or activities on your calendar.
  8. * Use Feedly or another RSS reader to catch up on blog posts.
  9. * Schedule some social media posts.
  10. Brainstorm some ideas for projects you are working on.
  11. Journal.
  12. Write three gratitudes.
  13. Have a conversation with your kids. (The car is a great place to connect with them, just turn off the radio and confiscate the cellular devices).
  14. Jot down notes for upcoming articles, videos or social media posts.
  15. Meditate. (Meditation does not have to be in a quiet room while you are completely alone. Just practice clearing your mind of whatever comes into it at that moment).
  16. Stretch
  17. Practice taking deeper breaths.
  18. Review your goals for the month/year. (Keep them on a note card or in your phone as a reminder).
  19. * Use podcasts or other audio downloads or CDs to learn on the go.
  20. Write out your menu for the week.
  21. *Explore recipes you want to try.
  22. Text someone who needs to hear from you.
  23. *Research an idea or thought.
  24. *Use Evernote to review notes youve taken at meetings or conferences.

What do you do to productively pass the time?

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