working with a virtual assistant

What to Expect When Working With a Virtual Assistant

What should you expect when working with a virtual assistant? One of the number one recommendations I make to the busy business owners and entrepreneurs I coach is to delegate more of their work load. This often means working with … Read More

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Evernote Task List

Create an Evernote Task List – Productivity Recipe

This productivity recipe will allow you to stream line your task list so that it is in one place and manageable. This recipe will save you time by keeping your tasks in one place and organized. Evernote is a convenient program that is … Read More

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Overwhelmed – Try a Reboot

My hubby is my computer IT guy. Whenever my machine starts to run slow or isn’t performing the way I know it can, I ask him what I need to do. After 17 years together, I know the first thing … Read More

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Year End Wrap Plan Productivity Recipe

The Year End Wrap and Plan Recipe is definitely a recipe reserved for special occasions. You wont need this recipe every week but you also dont have to reserve it only for the end of the year. You can use this recipe … Read More

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Automate Email Responses

Automate Email Responses: A Productivity Recipe

Here is the first in a series of Productivity Recipes I’ll be sharing. If you like these recipes, please let me know and I’ll share more. Productivity Recipes are a great, bit-sized chunk of information that you can do in less … Read More

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THE BEST Productivity Tool EVER

Are you currently on the hunt for productivity tools to help you become more efficient and get more stuff done? As a productivity expert, I’m often asked “What is the BEST productivity tool?” or “What productivity tool should I use … Read More

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Staying Productive at the Computer

Staying productive on a computer with all of the distractions and rabbit holes it can provide is a constant battle. In this question, originally posted over at, I provide my thoughts.  Question: What are the most productive things to spend … Read More

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How to Stay Productive When Resources Are Limited

Sometimes it’s hard to stay productive when our regular set of resources are limited. Rachel’s* mom was in the hospital for a routine surgery. It wasn’t the kind of thing that Rachel needed to be pacing the halls but she still … Read More

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Seriously, You SUCK at Being Productive and Here’s Why

There are a few individuals in this world that are gifted with being naturally organized, full of energy and almost always productive (even when they are relaxing).  Then there are a few more that have learned how to be productive … Read More

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Using Parkinsons Law

In todays Time Management Tip, Ill share with you how you can use Parkinsons Law to your benefit. Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time available for it’s completion. What this means is that, given a certain … Read More

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