Time Management experts, myself included, will almost ALWAYS tell you that multitasking is ineffective and counterproductive. In most circumstances, the amount of time that it takes you to switch between tasks is not worth the amount of time you believe you are saving by doing two or more things at once. I stand by that statement. However, there is this one thing you can multitask effectively in certain situations if you use this technique. I’ll be sharing that in just a moment.

I have a motto that I live by. I attribute this one phrase to any and all success I have had in my life. That motto is “Always Be Learning”. If you talk to anyone who has had any amount of success, they will also tell you to never stop learning. You should always be reading, attending seminars, watching webinars and having conversations with intelligent people.

That sounds great, but who really has time to add in one more thing to our already overwhelmed lives? It’s just TOO much!

But it doesn’t HAVE to take up even more of your time!

And that’s where the secret to when it is OK to multitask comes in. You can Always Be Learning WHILE you are doing other things if you use this handy little technique. You can use this technique and multitask while you are:

  • Cleaning house
  • Exercising
  • Grocery shopping
  • Commuting
  • Traveling
  • Walking the dogs
  • Showering
  • Cooking
  • During certain hobbies

So what is this magical technique that lets you learn while doing any of these other tasks at the same time?

It’s called Audio Learning. Common forms of audio learning include Podcasts, audio trainings, CD’s, etc…


But I’m a Reader!

I get it. I’ve always been a visual learner and preferred to read over watching videos or listening to audios. Even though I struggle with dyslexia and reading is a lengthy process for me, I have always tended to understand betterAlways Be Learning through sight than through audio. But reading takes undivided attention. I can’t do that AND something else. That means, I might get in 3 to 5 hours of slow reading a week. However, I can get in an additional 5 or 6 hours of podcasts and audio books each week while I am doing some of the above activities. This nearly doubles my learning opportunities!

In her recent article, How Listening to Podcasts Can Help You Build Your Business, Kristen Slice said it well:

Small businesses are required to have a wide and varied skill set. They need to learn constantly about marketing, financials, changes in the market place, you name it. They also have very little time. Podcasts are a great solution to both of these challenges. They allow you to learn on your schedule.

How do I take advantage of this audio learning?

One of the best ways to engage in audio learning is to subscribe to podcasts.  Podcasts are a series of programs that are recorded and made available for download through a subscription. You can listen to podcasts via almost all smart phones or even on computers or mp3 players. For iPhones, you can check out podcasts in the iTunes store. On Andriod and other smartphones, although you can download the individual episodes to your device, you will want to download an app that allows you to subscribe to your chosen podcasts. This makes it easier to know when the podcast is updated. I suggest Stitcher.

Another great way to take advantage of audio learning is to listen to audio books. While the selection of business or personal development books in audio format is still somewhat limited compared to fiction, there are some great ones you CAN choose from. Audible offers a great low cost membership program to download audio books. And Amazon is now offering many of the books on Whispersync where you can either listen or read on Kindle interchangeably.

There’s no excuse for not learning! Might I suggest you get started with the Behind Super Woman’s Cape Podcast?

What are your favorite business or personal development podcasts or audio books?
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