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I hear the phrases “I just can’t find time to do X” or “How do you find the time to accomplish all that?”

My response to both is simple, you don’t find time. We have been around for hundreds of years and, to my knowledge, no one has found that 25th hour…

So how can we accomplish more?

When You Can’t Find Time, Make It

I can offer you the same advice that is given to almost everyone who can’t find the time and that is to ‘Wake up earlier’ and ‘Go to bed later’. There is nothing wrong with this advice AND it’s actually good advice but only for short term projects.

By waking up earlier every morning and going to bed late every night, it will begin to take a toll on you, especially for long projects. You will experience burnout and trying to recover from burnout is a rough process in itself (this is a topic for another time).

This leaves the question, how can we accomplish more without experiencing burnout?

When you can’t find time, you ‘Make’ time.
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Making time is all about time management, delegation, and prioritization.

Following are 3 simple ways you can make more time today.

1. Create a To-do List

I have blogged about this before; I’m not a big user of the term to-do list and prefer to use the term ‘Task List’ but you get the idea.

A properly constructed Task list will boost productivity and help manage your time when you can’t find time. A simple way to construct a great task list is to keep it short and keep it important.

List things that need to get done, no matter how daunting the task may seem, completing these tasks are usually not as bad as we lead ourselves to believe.

A question used to find out if the task is important or not is to ask yourself.

“What task(s) that I can complete will make the other tasks easier or irrelevant?”

2. Limit Time Wasters

Television, surfing the internet and social media. Unless you’re doing social media marketing, for the duration of the important tasks you’ve set yourself above, turn it off.

This advice is given out a lot and for good reason. You’d be surprised how quick a task can actually be completed if you don’t have distractions.

It happens often, you do 15 minutes of work. Something catches your eye and you start browsing the web or scrolling through your feed and next thing you know 20 minutes has passed.

You panic and try to get yourself back into the groove, but spend the next 10 minutes struggling to get that focus back and struggle to complete the work.

A simple job that would have only taken 25 minutes to complete has taken 45. With 20 of those minutes being wasted.

3. Delegate to a VA

Referring back to the task list you’ve created. How many of those things are small simple tasks that are actually unimportant?

They should be lower on the list, right? But they still need to get done.

I know what you’re going to say, “You told me to focus on the important tasks and now you want me to focus on the unimportant ones?”

Yes and No… mainly no but still a yes.

Small tasks that may take you 20-30 minutes to finish, you should be able to delegate to a virtual assistant.

Send over 2 – 4 small tasks to a VA and you’ve made 2 hours to focus on other things.

I recommend having a read of my previous blog posts How to Hire a Virtual Assistant and How to Delegate to Overcome Overwhelm, this will give you a solid foundation of knowledge allowing you to choose the best VA possible.

These are only 3 of the ways I make time to accomplish more and elevate my business to the next level. With all the time you’ve made, you can spend it on growing your business, relaxing or spending quality time with your loved ones.

If you are still struggling and can’t find time or you’d like to know more or you have unanswered questions schedule a free consultation with me and learn more ways to make time.

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