When Life Works List

What do you do when you get so bogged down in overwhelm or just feel like life is totally off track? Sometimes you need a great plan to kickstart that momentum in the positive direction. Was there ever a time … Read More

Organize stacks of paper

How to Organize Stacks of Paper and Mail

Are you finally ready to organize stacks of paper and mail that are all over your desk or home? Here’s a great tutorial to get you started. Helpful tips: On your calendar, block at least two, preferably three, uninterrupted hours to … Read More

organize business contacts

At Least 10 Ways to Organize Business Contacts

Organize business contacts. As busy entrepreneurs, it’s one thing we tend to struggle with the most. Our prospects, current clients/customers and past clients all make up what I call a Love List. The Love List is so critical to our … Read More

Getting Started With Evernote Productivity Recipe

Getting Started With Evernote Productivity Recipe

Getting Started with Evernote is a starter recipe for helping you start to have a better understanding of this powerful program. Evernote is everywhere these days. Evernote isn’t just being used by people who are super productive. Everyday people use it to … Read More

to do list

To Do List – Is it Finally Time to Ditch it?

To do lists are most people’s first attempts to get organized and be productive. And many productive people swear by their to do lists. At the same time, I’m recently seeing a thread of articles that suggest it’s time to … Read More

Evernote Task List

Create an Evernote Task List – Productivity Recipe

This productivity recipe will allow you to stream line your task list so that it is in one place and manageable. This recipe will save you time by keeping your tasks in one place and organized. Evernote is a convenient program that is … Read More


Overwhelmed – Try a Reboot

My hubby is my computer IT guy. Whenever my machine starts to run slow or isn’t performing the way I know it can, I ask him what I need to do. After 17 years together, I know the first thing … Read More

9 Tips to Better Time Management Routines for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent or broker, how you operate in your business on a day-to-day basis is just as important as how you serve your clients. Having clear routines in place and implementing effective workflow systems are just a … Read More

Pass Time

24 Ways to Productively Pass Time

Words with Friends or Candy Crush may seem like a great way to quickly pass time while you are waiting for your next appointment or meeting.  However, there are things you can do, with or without a smart phone that … Read More

smartphone makes life easier

9 Ways a Smartphone Can Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever wished you had your own personal assistant? It’s much easier than you thought. With over half of all Americans owning a smartphone, your personal assistant is just a few clicks away. Don’t own one yet? The monthly … Read More