Do you wish you had an extra 60 minutes or more per day?

This one-on-one session is designed to help you, the super busy entrepreneur to get laser focused on your specific time management and productivity needs. You may not know exactly why your time management is out of control and that’s OK. That’s why I’m here.

What you can expect:

  • During this complementary strategy session, you will gain a sense of clarity about what you really want your time to look like.
  • In addition, I’ll help you to discover the essential building blocks for having enough time for what you have to do AND what you truly desire.
  • We will also uncover the #1 thing stopping you from making the most of your time.
  • I will give you recommendations on the most powerful actions that will move you towards better time management.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to conquer the clock!

What others are saying:

I came to Nicole because I was stressed out and tired of not being available to my kids.  As a single mom that has to work, it’s gotten to be a challenge to be present for them.  After talking with Nicole, I realized one of my biggest issues was my smoking around them.  Every time I’d try to quit, I would end up spending less time with them as I’d go “take a walk” to smoke a cigarette.

Nicole made a couple of very interesting observations that helped me to see my smoking for what it was.  I instantly realized how much more I hated the smoking than anything else.  I quit immediately.

Carol G

 This session is right for you if:

  • You are tired of never having enough time to get everything done.
  • You have plenty of time but you just don’t seem to be taking action.
  • You know that better use of your time can result in huge rewards, both financially and personally.
  • You never want to risk regretting how you spent the time you have.
  • You are ready to unlock the power of time.

These sessions are conducted by phone and include a recording of the call, upon request. Each session lasts just long enough for us to get to the root and no longer than 60 minutes.

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