• When was the last time you missed an opportunity to grow your business because you were too busy?
  • What does the family usually say when you are off working most evenings of the week?
  • How do you feel when your friends call and you can’t meet up for drinks?
  • What are you missing out on because you just don’t have the time?


Having a successful business is great, but if it is done at the expense of living life, what is it really worth? At the end of your days, will you be wishing you had attended one more networking event or one more evening with the family? Fortunately, you can have both! I know, because I do.
Business has always been important to me. I knew, from a very young age that I wanted, more than anything to grow a successful business. And then I had a family. While it was crucial to me to raise a great family and have a great life, I didn’t want to give up my business to do it. And I didn’t have to give up what mattered most to me. Neither do you.

What would you do with more time?

  • Travel?
  • Grow your business?
  • Spend quality time with your family?

Stop WISHING you had more time or focus and START making it happen TODAY!

Time management and productivity are my specialties! I KNEW I could have MORE out of life but most time management systems out there just fail. So I created The Present, a system for helping Super Busy Entrepreneurs  get BOTH.

Kay-McDonaldNicole helped me tighten up my systems to be more efficient and recommended new programs that have made a huge difference in my time management. She listened and analyzed, then created a dynamic and targeted plan for me. The best consultation I have EVER gotten. 
I highly recommend Nicole.

Kay McDonaldCEO/Charity Charms & Co-Founder/THRIVE@55

The Present is a successful time management system built on a foundation that one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to time management. Through this program, we will focus on core time management strategies : 

Organize My Time Coaching

  • Develop a customized time management system.
  • Planning, goal setting and accountability.
  • Stay focused on top priorities.
  • Avoid “fires”, emergencies and distractions.
  • Create and use an effective to-do list.
  • Determine and maintain the ideal work/life “balance”.
  • Overcome procrastination and shiny object syndrome.
  • Create email and other electronic systems to save you time.
  • Embrace saying “No” with ease and grace.
  • What, when and how to effectively delegate.
  • Using and improving upon your energy levels for maximum productivity.
  • Uncover hidden time traps you never knew you had.

With this package you will walk away with your own custom time management program, all the tools you need to maintain your program and a set of habits that will help you to stick to it! Every package is completely unique to you and comes with an ebook that you can refer to long after the sessions are over.


The Present

  • Two 60 minute laser focused coaching sessions to establish your time management system. I use a tested system to determine your specific time management needs so that the program we design is unique and customized to you.
  • A complete customized eBook written just for you with all of your needs and recommendations.
  • All of the printable forms and templates recommended through the system.
  • Ten weeks of Signature Success Breakthrough Coaching to help you establish your new time management system, work through any challenges that may arise, and establish a firm foundation of habits that will help you stick to your system long after we have finished working together. 
  • Practical, actionable assignments after each Signature Success Breakthrough Session that will continue moving you towards your time management goals.
  • Recordings of all calls for review. 
  • Six content specific training calls. Take your time management to the next level with these step-by-step calls focusing on time management, productivity, procrastination, goal setting and more. 
  • Exclusi


There’s No Time Like The Present.


The Present

Worth over $4000