Evernote Task List
This productivity recipe will allow you to stream line your task list so that it is in one place and manageable. This recipe will save you time by keeping your tasks in one place and organized. Evernote is a convenient program that is accessible on all mobile devices. Simply open the program and the Task List note to add new tasks as they come up.


Preparation (Prep Time: 5 minutes)

  1. Open the link to the Evernote Task List Template. Then follow the prompts and select the notebook you wish to save this template to. From there, feel free to make any edits or revisions you wish.
  2. Save the template to your own Evernote account by clicking Save to Evernote in the top right corner.
  3. Sync on your Evernote desktop application.
  4. Tag the template with your “Templates” tag.
  5. Right click on the note and choose Copy to Notebook to create a new working copy of the template.
  6. Rename with an appropriate name.
  7. Add any relevant tags.
  8. Right click on note and choose Add to Shortcuts to make the note easier to find.

Cooking (Cook Time: 15 to 20 minutes)

Begin to fill in the Evernote Task List with the following details.

  • Done: Use this field to check off completed tasks.
  • Date Assigned: This field can be used to state when it was added to your list.
  • Priority: Use this field to assign a priority to the task.
  • Task: Describe the specific action that you will take.
  • Project: Is this task related to a larger project, add it here. Include a link to the Project tags you might be using in Evernote.
  • Next Action: Once you complete the task, is there a next action that you will need to add to your task list?
  • Notes: Include here whether a task has been delegated, eliminated, moved to a Someday list or on hold as well as any other notes you may wish to add.

Repeat as needed for additional tasks.

Yield: 1 Task list

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