How are you today?

Im fine.

Whats so bad about that?

Its usually a lie.  Fine has become the quick generic response to the question, How are you today?  But how are you really doing?  Are you truly ALL right as the definition of fine implies?

Im fine has become a tag line for our lives.  For most people, when someone asks them how they are, they dont give it much thought and simply reply with the fastest, easiest answer.  This is what they are also doing in their lives as well.  Most people go through life not really paying much attention.  They get up in the morning, perform a series of routine tasks and go to bed at night.  Tomorrow they do it again. And then again.  They rarely ever stop to give any thought to what they are doing or what they could do differently.

When we simply respond with, Im fine it is an indication that we usually arent putting much thought into what or HOW we are feeling. We have settled into a  standard routine that allows us to vaguely float through our days. If we want to excel in life, settling into this routine drudgery is a kiss of death.


Its time to shake it up! Stop saying you are fine. For one week, I challenge you. Start answering with how you are really doing!

Ive had better days.
Life is good.
I cant wait till tomorrow.
Im ready to take on the world.

Dont worry about how the other person will respond. Live in YOUR moment and be present with how you truly feel. Think of it like checking the temperature on your car dash. When someone says, How are you? its your trigger to check your internal gauge. How are you, really?
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