Who Am I?

Nicole Bandes is intensely committed to guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners to find and OWN THE ZONE so they can overcome overwhelm and have more time for what matters most.

Nicole’s interest in productivity and time management began as an overachieving high school honor student, where she constantly found herself needing to balance a full schedule. Nicole continued to juggle the many aspects of her own business and family life before putting her degree in Psychology and extensive background in personal development to work to uncover why typical time management ideas were failing.

Bandes FamilyFortunately, she had discovered the secret and was able to begin teaching her system to others while living a healthy, “balanced” life before tragedy struck.

On July 4th, 2013, Nicole lost a son in a head on car crash. Through her grief recovery, Nicole found her purpose in helping you achieve more time for what matters most because there’s no time like the Present and just having a better to-do list wasn’t going to help us achieve happiness and joy.

Nicole believes time management is more than just finding the best tools or systems. Using her signature formula, Nicole also helps her clients overcome barriers like procrastination or lack of focus that often cause ongoing problems especially when life doesn’t follow the script.

Nicole holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and is a Certified Evernote Consultant. Nicole has been a featured productivity expert in Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Huffington Post, USA Today and many more.

My Media Appearances

Recently, I have been featured in the following articles and podcasts: