Personal Productivity Kit for Small Business Owners

Stop spending hours looking for the right tools to plan, build and grow your business. Invest that time actually planning, building and growing your business!

personal productivity kit

Solopreneurs and small business owners spend hours looking for and learning the right planners, organizers and contact management systems to track and grow their business.

I've gathered my top 10 requested business planning and building tools and templates into one convenient kit! These  are the most popular tools on my website to help small business owners improve their time and dramatically increase productivity.

Individually, these tools and templates sell for between $7.99 and $9.99. However, I've packaged these into one convenient price for a limited time only. Order now and you can purchase all 10 for one low price of $39.95.

That's a savings of over 50%!

Total Value -  $87.95
Your Investment - $29.95
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The Personal Productivity Kit for Small Business Owners includes...

  • Time Tracking Worksheet

    This template will help you track your time so that you know where the leaks are occurring.


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  • 10 Questions To Help You Prioritize

    Stop struggling to know what you should be working on next. These questions will help you determine what is the next best use of your time.

  • Master Task List

    This Master Task List allows you to track your tasks on an ongoing basis so you can free up focus and be fully present.


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  • The One Sheet CRM

    Track contact info and notes for prospects and clients using this one page customer management tool. Also includes a bonus Follow Up section.


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  • The Monthly Planner

    Use this two page planner to help you determine monthly priorities and tasks you do not want to forget. The Monthly Planner helps you to make notes and recall important dates, projects and goals you want to focus on for the coming month.

  • Weekly Prioritizes Organizer

    This is a more visual page that will help you identify the key priorities for each week so that you are making the best decisions about how to organize your time.


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  • Time Blocking Worksheet

    This printable download works as a weekly calendar or as a tool for planning your time in advance.


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  • Weekly Review and Success Plan

    This printable download is a great tool to help you reflect on what work and what didn’t over the past week as well as to help you plan and prioritize your week to come. It includes 12 different prompts including “What do I want to do different next week to have more succes?” and “Avoid the Squirrels! What potential distractions may side track you this week?”

  • Time Estimator

    Do you tend to under-estimate how much time a task or project will take to complete? Use this tool to help you learn to accurately predict the amount of time a task or project will take.


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  • Daily Success Organizer

    By outlining specific tasks and routines that need to be done daily, you reduce the amount of decision fatigue and willpower usage that tend to cause lack of focus and procrastination. Use this template to create better habits and routines on a daily basis.dailysuccessjournal-msg

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Whether you are just starting out in business or a few productivity improvements could dramatically increase your business success, this kit is an invaluable asset for moving you forward and reducing your overwhelm.

Total Value -  $87.95
Your Investment - $29.95
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