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Social media virtual assistants can provide your business with a great time savings by managing many of the aspects of your social media presence.

You probably read some articles that say in this day and age you MUST be on social media. So, you’ve taken the necessary steps, opened a few social media accounts, and (try) to post on them fairly regularly.

But it takes so much time!

Forget the 24% of business owners who spend 6-10 hours per week managing their social media accounts. Even spending 1-5 hours per week seems like a lot to you when there are so many other tasks you must accomplish as a small business owner.

Enter the virtual assistant, or VA, for short.

Have you ever heard the phrase “delegation is the key to success”? Well, that is what I’m going to talk to you about today: effective social media delegation to a virtual assistant.


If you haven’t written out your social media strategy, start with that. Since writing a social media marketing plan is not the focus of this article, I will just give you just a brief synopsis of a small business social media plan guide.

  1. Figure out which channels work best for your business and which channels your customers hang out on the most
  2. Establish a purpose for your social media strategy (ex. increase brand awareness)
  3. Set measurable goals for each channel and determine how you’ll measure each one
  4. Plan a budget for each channel and decide who will manage social media


Many small business owners start out managing their business’ accounts. Eventually, they feel their time spent on social media is detracting from more important tasks so they Google how to save time on social media.

Those searches lead them to blog posts like this that tell them about using virtual assistants to help with social media.

What if you just don’t have time to manage it yourself? Having social media virtual assistants who you can selectively delegate tasks to is an easy and cost-effective way.


 The market for virtual assistants has exploded over the past few years, so it’s not terribly difficult to find one with your desired skill set. Once you’ve written out your expectations for a virtual assistant, you can being your search.

Freelancer marketplaces and job boards: These are websites like Upwork, Freelancer,, FlexJobs, and Indeed. You simply post the kind of tasks you want the VA to do, and people apply to your position. Pick the ones you like the look of and start interviewing.

Google: Running a simple search on Google for “virtual assistant” AND “social media” will bring up tons of articles but also tons of websites for people who specialize in VA services for social media. When you find a few you like the look of, drop them an email and interview them.

You might have noticed that all these methods require you to take the time to interview candidates, a daunting task if you’ve never hired a VA before. How do you even know what to look for? One final method of finding social media virtual assistants that we’ll take a look at is using a virtual assistant concierge service.

Typically when working with a concierge service, a representative discusses with you some of the following:

  • what kinds of tasks you need a VA to do,
  • how many hours you think that person will work each week,
  • and for how long you anticipate needing a VA.

From there, the virtual assistant concierge service identifies potential VAs and screens them for you.

Some services like mine go so far as to train the VA to your specific tasks and to manage payments for the VA. To give you an idea of pricing, you can check out this page.


I think the better question is what tasks CAN’T my social media virtual assistants do?

Regarding social media marketing, we can group VA tasks into four large categories: Profile Management, Content Creation, Community Management, and Measuring Analytics.

(This is when you should pull out your social media plan to find tasks that you can either delegate completely or ones that you could just use a bit of help on.)

Profile Management: Ask your VA to update any information about your company on all your social media profiles.

Content Creation: Ask your VA to generate new content ideas, write new content (from Tweets to blog posts), and schedule & promote those posts.

Community Management: Have your VA talk to your community, answer questions, and follow new accounts.

Measuring Analytics: Have your VA analyze the analytics for your social media efforts and, if (s)he has the right experience, your VA can also offer recommendations for your social media channels.

In addition, a great social media VA can even help manage and maximize your ad programs on social media networks. With more and more businesses adding social media advertising to their marketing program, this is a valuable component to consider when hiring social media virtual assistants.


The important thing in growing any successful business is to focus on only the things that only you can do. Social media is often performed faster and more effectively by someone other than the business owner. If I’ve left any questions unanswered, please consider scheduling a free strategy session today.

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