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Goal Planning Worksheet – PDF or Evernote

Goal Planning Worksheet

Goal Planning Worksheet by The Productivity Expert Once you have determined the right goal for you to focus on, the next step is goal planning. This Goal Planning Worksheet by the Productivity Expert helps you to prepare in advance for any challenges, obstacles or limitations that may negatively affect your goal achievement. It also helps you

Goal Setting Worksheet – Evernote or PDF

goal setting worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet by The Productivity Expert There’s more to setting the right goal than just being SMART. SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time bound. While it is important to outline your goals in terms of the SMART formula, there’s much more to successful goal achievement than that alone! This Goal Setting Worksheet will

Gift Tracker Checklist

gift tracker checklist

The Gift Tracker List by The Productivity Expert The Gift Tracker gift buying check list is a great tool to get organized with your holiday shopping. Because Evernote goes with you via mobile apps, you can make notes about gifts you’ve purchased or ones that you want to tell friends and family about. Use the Gift

Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner in Evernote or PDF

The Monthly Planner by The Productivity Expert When you want to better manage your business and personal goals on a monthly basis, The Monthly Planner is the perfect tool. You can also use it to help fight procrastination by always knowing what your next steps are. The questions and prompts help guide you through creating a