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Top 9 Things You Should Know Before Using Photos for Social Media

Using PhotosWe hear it over and over, a photo is worth 1000 words. And, in this fast passed society we live in, photos grab attention far more than words. For this reason, the use of photos for social media, blogs and websites is on the rise. There are a few things you should know before using photos for your business though. 

  1. Photos improve your results. Whether you are using photos on Facebook, a blog post or even just your website, the more photos you use, the more people will engage.
  2. Even small businesses can get sued. There are many copyrighted photos listed on the internet. Using a copyrighted image for commercial use can open us up to being sued. 
  3. Searching Google for your keyword is not a good idea. Most of the images displayed on Google are copyrighted.
  4. Watermarks – Watermarks are light logo or copyright symbols displayed over an image. Displaying a photo with a watermark without the permission of the owner is theft. There are a lot of websites that sell their images. These images frequently show up with the watermarks in Google searches. If it contains the watermark, it has not been purchased. Using these watermarked images looks very unprofessional. 
  5. There are some great websites that offer images for use for free. Check out one or more of these sites for photos to use.
  6. Be careful of doing random searches on unverified sites as many image libraries cause you to download viruses or malware along with the photo you are downloading.
  7. If you just aren’t finding the right quality image through the free services, check out a discounted image site like Dollar Photo Club. (This is an affiliate link but I do use the site myself).
  8. Once you have a photo, personalize it to your content using free sites like
  9. For blog posts, get more traffic by adding the title of your post to the image.
  10. If you see a photo on another social media page, don’t just copy it and use it on your page without attribution to the original page. You can Share the photo so that your audience can see it but the original page gets some love too. If you don’t want the original page to be exposed to your audience, then don’t use their photo. Create your own. This is might save you from copyright infringement but is also just courtesy.

These tips will help keep you protected while using the power of photos on social media and the internet. 

Do you have more tips? Share below.

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