virtual assistant can help grow your coaching business

Running a coaching business is time-consuming. Whether you are business coach, life coach or even a niche coach, your time is valuable. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you need to work on things that only you can do. That means leaving the rest to be delegated or eliminated. However, a great virtual assistant can help grow your coaching business while you focus on what you do best.


How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Coaching Business

Website & Blog Management

Ensuring your website is up to date is crucial, nothing turns off potential clients more than an out of date website.

A virtual assistant can help with Website and blog management by:

  • Updating your website, including adding new testimonials, keeping your events up to date and contact info current.
  • Ensure your website plugins and frameworks are updated and backed up, in case anything bad happens.
  • Writing blog copy for you so that you always have something to share and help with search engine optimization.
  • If you prefer writing yourself, have your VA research and collect information for your next topic so that you to focus solely on the writing. Your VA can then find images, post and optimize the content for you.

A good website and blog can improve your SEO. It can also help you be seen as an authority in your industry so it is important to update it regularly to ensure Google sees your site as active.

Email Management

Being a coach means you can be flooded with many repetitive emails. You can answer some of these emails with a blog post but some are just not frequent enough that they require a specific post dedicated to it.

A virtual assistant can sift through your inbox so that you only have to see the important emails.

  • Your VA can filter out the spam, reply to the regularly occurring questions and forwarding anything important or new questions to you.
Email management is a common way virtual assistants can help grow your coaching business.
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If allowing someone access to your inbox is too invasive, allow them to set-up autoresponders and filters in order to help manage your incoming emails.

Social Media

Staying active on your social media platforms can become a full time job in and of itself. Social media has now become the top way to successfully market yourself. You can increase your exposure and gather some quality leads by publishing relevant, useful and viral content.

However, when times are busy, your social media is the first to suffer and posting becomes less frequent.

A virtual assistant can help grow your coaching business by managing your social media. Here’s just some of the things a VA can do:

  • Curate content.
  • Post the appropriate content on the right channels and maximize hashtags and other exposure.
  • Grow your audience by commenting, retweeting and sharing where appropriate.
  • Provide assistance with online social media challenges or groups.
  • Run ad campaigns with knowledge about how to get your best return on your advertising dollars.

Allowing a virtual assistant to share, retweet and even be the first to post about relevant industry news has endless benefits.

Webinar Set Up

 A great way to scale your business is to host webinars but setting one up can be a hassle, especially if it’s your first time.

Finding a virtual assistant with webinar experience can:

  • Improve your presentation with images and layout.
  • Help with social media and newsletter promotion.
  • Provide technical setup and support.
  • Manage sales and follow up campaigns.

Think of your virtual assistant as an event organizer. While you are working on your material and delivery, your VA is promoting and setting everything up.

A virtual assistant can help grow your coaching business and help improve your productivity. This helps you focus on the parts of your business you enjoy and love.

If you’d like to find out more about how a virtual assistant can benefit your coaching business schedule a free consultation with me.

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